The Barbican is probably one of the busiest parts of London

I have to say that I think that this is reflected at Barbican escorts. We seem to be constantly short of girls and it is really hard to find escorts to work for the agency. The escorts service in London is now so competitive that it is hard to find escorts to work for your agency. For instance it is hard to find Black escorts in central London, and near to impossible to find Indian escorts. I wish that I had more exotic escorts at the agency as a lot of gents look for exotic girls.

We are also trying to fulfill our other escorts services. One to one dating is still really popular but we also need to maintain services such as escorts for couples. Barbican escorts of try to be involved in as many different services as possible. Escorts for couples is probably one of our most popular weekend services, and the girls try to fulfill as many dates as they can. The problem is that a lot of the new girls at the agency do not have experience of escorts for couples that we so desperately need.

Duo dating is popular as well. We do a lot of duo dates during the week, and a lot of our visiting gents from abroad really enjoy duo dates from Barbican escorts. I am always putting together new duo dating teams and crews. It is not easy at all, and you need to make sure that you put together girls that get on. That is not always easy and I like girls who get on with each other as they make the best duo dating services and teams. But it is never easy and you need to work together with the girls.

I like all of the girls who work for the agency, and they all have their different personalities. The girls to have to deal with a lot. One minute they are on a duo date, and the next minute they are on a one to one date. It is not easy at all to keep all of the girls here at Barbican escorts but I do try to do my best. I used to be an escort myself so I know that it is like. For instance the evening shift and the night shift is hard and you do feel really tired the next day after having worked the evening and the night shift. It is used to knacker me.

There are lots of other challenges of working in London and at Barbican escorts. First of all London is really busy and it can be hard work to get around. The transport system is not as good as it should be for a major city, and I think that it is really expensive to be living in London as well. The girls are careful with their money but they still find it hard work. Yes, they work hard, and if I am to be honest, I think that they work a little bit too hard.

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