Someone to make us smile, and love all day long

Many times, I want to give up on life. I want to scream all my problems; the heaviness I feel is harsh. And I can’t stop thinking to it. Many times, I want to end my life, every day it gets harder for me. I don’t have anyone to help me with my trouble. Someone to love me despite my imperfections in life. Maybe it’s rare for us to find that perfect match, but it’s better to wait longer than to be in a rush with a wrong relationship. Love is beautiful, many people have testified about it. It is good for the soul and well-being. It adds color to our life. According to Kingston escorts of

We are happy about all the things that come in our life, everything that we are into. Many times, we feel afraid and unmotivated that the love of our life will push us to our extent, they will give inspiration to us not to be carried away. It’s okay to fail and stumble many times, as long as we have to raise ourselves. We are not afraid to stumble all over again. Many people will love to criticize us, judge and says hurtful words but it doesn’t matter as long as we have someone that believes in us, and keep telling us that we are beautiful in our ways. Many times we are afraid to try, but having someone is the most beautiful thing in life. We have someone to call as mine, or somehow home

We find comfort ability with the love of our life; they are the reason that we can make our dreams come true. They are always with us to show our way and paths in life. One of the most beautiful moments that happened in my life is when I finally am with someone who genuinely sees my worth and value as a person. Someone that never stop to understand you. My life is messy, and even when you walk into my shoe, it’s hard and getting tougher every day.

Growing up with a broken family is hard, I know it because I experienced to live in it. My parents separated way back long years ago, after that both of them married again to another person. I have stayed with my mother, and so her new family cannot accept me and maltreated me. I work hard to go away and finish my education through my sweat and blood. I still have the pain inside me, and even can’t get over it. I travel to London, met this beautiful woman name, Kyra. She works as a Kingston Escorts, and I am just happy to be with her.

Written by sglis

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