Do I have the right sex appeal for you?

My name is Mia and I have the pleasure of serving you here at Gatwick escorts. To be honest, I have not been into escorting for very long, but the truth is that I really enjoy what I am doing. I wish that I had discovered escorting in the UK a long time ago. It is such a different career and I guess that you could really call it a lifestyle choice. Well, escorting is certainly the right lifestyle choice for me, I love looking after my gents.

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Of course, escorting is all about having the right kind of sex appeal and I think that most girls who work as escorts appreciate that. I am a blonde with rather long legs, nice bust and a pair of pretty blues. Do I have the right sex appeal for Gatwick escorts? I think so, because I seem to be rather busy. The agency has a good mix of blondes and brunettes, and we also have some Black and exotic babes working for the agency. I would say that our escort agency has the right girls for the area.

Gatwick is a pretty special area to date in, and it can be more challenging to run an agency in Gatwick than in other parts of London. So many of the gents that we date on a regular basis are from abroad and that can be really challenging. The boss says that a lot of gents from abroad have different needs, and is one of the reasons so many of them like to hook up with blondes. At least that would explain why we have so many sexy blondes at Gatwick escort services.

Working as an escort for Gatwick escorts can sometimes be a little bit on the tough side. We are all outcall escorts so that means that we have to visit individual areas of Gatwick. There are so many hotels here and other places were gents stay when they visit Gatwick that it can be hard to find an address. It really helps if you know the area well, and are able to find your way around quickly. The time for getting to some gents can be very tight, so you do need to be on your toes all of the time. By the end of my shift, I am usually very tired and I need a good foot massage.

Speaking of which… if you like to meet me, all you need to do is to give Gatwick escorts a call. I love looking after my gents at the agency, and I will try to get to you as soon as I can. We are one of the busiest escorts agencies in the area, so it is a good idea of you can give me plenty of notice. I know that it is not always easy to do when you are just visiting, so the girls here at Gatwick escort services, try to do the best they can. If you would like to meet me, and enjoy a little bit more of my sex appeal, just give me a call and I will be right there for you.

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